Bunk Mates

He had already been lying in the bottom level of the bunk bed for a good half hour as the door of the dorm room opened. “Hello,” the newcomer greeted him, a lean young man with short hair in the full gear of a world traveler. He hefted his large backpack onto the table at the opposite wall as he introduced himself.  

“I’m running a bit late, the train was delayed as usual. I hope I didn’t wake you?” he continued while unpacking his essential gear with a few well practiced moves. “No, not a problem at all. I’ve been running around a lot today and just felt like putting my feet up,” the other man replied and propped himself up on the mattress. 

They both smiled and instantly took to one another. 

“That’s a relief. I’ll just jump under the shower and then all I want is to relax myself. Be right back.” With those words and a small bundle of clothes under the arm his new roommate left the dorm again. 

On the one hand he was excited to get some company because travelling alone could get monotonous quickly. On the other hand he had just settled into having the room for himself and was about to browse his favourite porn sites. Now it was a little late for that since his new bunk mate wouldn’t be gone for long. With a sigh he closed the tempting browser windows and tried to steer his thoughts into different directions. 

Indeed it didn’t take long before the door opened again. Amidst a fresh waft of shower lotion his new companion entered the room. The travel attire he had been wearing was cast over his shoulder. Instead he just wore a black undershirt and equally black briefs now. His lean figure was surprisingly muscular and revealed the workings of his tendons with every move. 

“Now I am feeling better!” he said with an exaggerated sigh. 

Diligently he placed his clothes over the back of one of the chairs before storing his washing utensils away into his backpack. From the bed his roommate couldn’t help but observe him. Starting from the vaulting chest underneath the skin tight shirt down over the flat stomach to the sizeable bulge of his genitals his gaze wandered until he was presented with his buttocks, barely covered by the briefs. 

Rather than moving on to different thoughts as hoped, his erection only grew harder. His bunk mate turned around to him again and walked towards the bed. But instead of climbing up the short ladder to his level he stopped in front and looked down at him. “Do you want to suck me off?” he asked in a nearly nonchalant tone. The addressee gulped and sat up. “Yes, I’d love to!” he replied and planted his feet on the cold floor. 

Without further ado his opposite pulled down his underpants midway over his firm thighs. While doing so his growing dick jumped up with vigorous verve. He grabbed his penis with the right hand as he directed the head of the man in front of him towards his demanding glans with the left. In turn he opened his mouth full of anticipation and let it slip inside, followed by the steadily swelling shaft. 

As his lips touched the soft skin of the testicles, he closed them completely around the hard member and began sucking. 

Firmly gripped between palate and spirited tongue the cock was now solid as a rock. Pressing his nose into cropped pubic hair the experienced traveller forced his penis into his throat. Full of unbridled lust he fucked the wet and eager mouth that presented itself to him willingly. 

Wrapped up in their roles the two strangers relished their unexpected erotic encounter. Close to orgasm, the newcomer began driving his cock with rapid thrusts of his loins down the throat of his roommate. In reaction he unbarred his mouth and started breathing in short gasps as best he could. Fortunately, he was soon relieved from this onslaught. With a deep moan his sex partner shot a load of semen so deep down his throat that it already begann running down his gullet before he could even swallow. 

“Thank you, that’s just what I needed tonight!” When he had emptied him completely, his bunk mate pulled his briefs up and ascended the steps to his own bed. A while later only the calm breathing of sleep was audible from above. Shortly afterwards he spilled his own sperm into the warm sheets. With such company travelling would definitely not get monotonous. 

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