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It was about one in the morning when she returned home. He was already in bed and had dozed off but the rattling of her keys in the front door brought him back from his slumber. Shortly afterwards the door to their bedroom quietly opened and she snuck inside without turning on the light. A … Continue reading


It was still quite early in the year for a day at the beach, but here between the sand dunes, sheltered from the wind, the bright sun comfortably warmed his skin already. He had planned to just go for an extended walk but then spontaneously decided to do some sunbathing. So now he lay on … Continue reading


They talked for the first time that evening. The party at the house of a common acquaintance had brought together a colourful mix of people from his old university mates to work colleagues and friends of friends.  “Hello, I’m Maja,” she introduced herself. “I think we have met on the bus before?” The other woman … Continue reading

Catching Up

The last of their other friends had just left. “Thanks for sticking around for the clean up,” he said. “No worries,” she replied. “I’d feel guilty leaving you behind with all those half empty wine bottles.” With that she poured the remnants of a red into her glass and sat down on the sofa. “You … Continue reading

Quiet Evening

They had finished dinner and moved on to the comfortable part of the evening. Cozy in just their t-shirts and underwear they were ready to hit the sofa. “I’ll get some drinks,” she said and walked over to the kitchen. He turned on the TV while his gaze followed her. As she returned with filled … Continue reading

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