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Long Drive

It was still early in the morning when they stashed their luggage in the trunk and got into the car, travel mugs of coffee in hands. “If I fall asleep, do wake me up for a driver change,” she reminded him of their agreement. “Don’t worry,” he replied. “We’ll have to make a stop anyway … Continue reading

Opposite Tables

The small gelateria had put tables outside for the first time this season. She sat facing his way opposite a female friend, studying the menu, as the waiter delivered his order. A brief glance at his  sundae seemed to settle her choice. She leaned back in her chair and looked over to him. For a … Continue reading

Double Room

It’s been a long day. They had wrapped up the full programme of city tour and museum visit in a restaurant in the old town. Their rented accommodation was located centrally but still affordable since they had agreed to share a twin room.  Exhausted the two couples dropped onto their beds. Andrea was the first … Continue reading

Cross Country

The final stop on the train line had dropped them off in near wilderness – or at least that is how it felt to them, being used to the facades and the bustle of the inner city. Over the roofs of the low houses one could see trees and open sky all around. As they … Continue reading

Lingerie Shopping

The little lingerie shop was situated in a side street which only sporadically brought in customers this early on weekdays. Hence the sales assistant recognised the woman immediately from the previous day as the small bell above the entrance rang out. “Good morning,” she smiled at her. “Hello,” the customer responded, closing the door behind … Continue reading

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