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Quiet Evening

They had finished dinner and moved on to the comfortable part of the evening. Cozy in just their t-shirts and underwear they were ready to hit the sofa. “I’ll get some drinks,” she said and walked over to the kitchen. He turned on the TV while his gaze followed her.  As she returned … Continue reading

The Flat Mate

Sounds of a television greeted them as they stepped through the front door. “I guess my flat mate is still up,” he observed. The short hallway opened up into the living room where a staircase led upwards. Stretched out on the sofa lay a young man their age with tussled black hair, dressed in … Continue reading

The Sports Massage

After the last run she had finally relented and booked a massage. Her fellow runners from the group had unanimously recommended a practice close to the city centre, making it easy to go for an appointment straight after work. The receptionist had equipped her with a towel and sent … Continue reading

Dance Lesson

He couldn’t have imagined taking dance lessons back in the day. Most of the others had dutifully traipsed through the dusty old steps because it was expected of them. He had preferred to take a dive into the crowds at clubs and concerts instead. Following the rhythm and his own feet … Continue reading

Room Service

Gradually his muscles loosened up in the hot water. Maybe he had overdone it with the foam, but the scented wisps of vapour rising from the bathtub did play their own part in relaxing him. He closed his eyes as the music in his ears nearly sent him to sleep.  A cool gust of air … Continue reading

At the Gig

The dance floor in front of the stage was heaving. The vibrations of the speaker stacks sent thumping basslines through the throng of dancers. Sweaty bodies collided and rubbed against one another.  Her hair flew into his face. In apology she lifted her hand and laughed as she … Continue reading

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